Monday, March 18, 2019

Fort Bragg: My First Road Trip Essay -- Personal Narratives Freedom Es

stronghold Bragg My First Road Trip When you are a teenager you reach a certain point in your liveness when you want to be independent. You get this flavor that you want to do something on your consume to prove you can. When I was seventeen, in the f whole of 2001, I had that feeling that I needed to do something on my own. I needed an adventure to show everyone that I was old enough to be on my own for once. I needed something exciting and new. I talked to my friend Annie and we came up with a plan for our adventure. We decided to go on a road charge to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and this is my story. It was our first road trip with no adults to watch over us or to help us in any way. Annie had a cousin named Steve who was a paratrooper at Fort Bragg. Steve was getting ready to leave for Kosovo to go on a pink of my John keeping mission in November. Steve would be gone for six months and Annie wanted to see him before he left. The reason we picked the month of October to go on our road trip was because Annies parents were in Germany visiting her sister. If her parents were home thus they would not of allowed us to go to North Carolina. Annie called her parents and told them that we were going camping for the weekend. They verbalize Annie could go and to call them when we got to the camp site. Annies parents did not trust her, so of course we had to lie a little bit. My mom, on the other hand, was a pretty understanding person so we told her where we were really going. She said that it was sanction for us to go, but she did not want me to take my car. I told her that we were taking Annies parents Cadillac, but we really did not because they would notice the mileage. Our first woof of a car was Annies Volkswage... ... wait was and they said twenty-five minutes, so we put our name on the list. We were shocked we thought that the wait would be a lot longer than twenty-five minutes. We went outside and sat on a ben ch in front of the restaurant plot of ground we waited. They lastly called our name and we went inside. We ordered our food and made small talk while we waited. Then it was time to say goodbye. We followed them to the exit of the base and beeped as we drove away. Road trips are fun and exciting especially if you are on your own. The road trip to Fort Bragg was an excellent adventure and I result always remember it. The trip was also a good make love for my first road trip. Sure some embarrassing events occurred during the trip, but it was all in fun. I can not wait until my next adventure. I know it will be as wild and crazy, if not more, as my first road trip was.

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