Monday, April 22, 2019

Taxation - research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

tax - - Research Paper ExampleIt is of the essence(p) to align alimony payments on both parties, in that the make out received by the spouse from the ex is the same. This is advisable to avoid any audit by the IRS.As concern the issue of tenner Smith, its total payment to Judy was $45,000.02, this constituted both child support and unallocated maintenance. However, Adam arrogateed alimony payment of $ 41,695 during that period. Since not all payments made to Judith constitute alimony payment it is thus salutary for the IRS to divide the amount of $41,695 into alimony payment and other payments including child support, thus the amount of alimony claim should be $15,552. Adam should claim this amount from the IRS as tax deductible. To avoid future problems like this it is central to classify the amount of alimony payment from other payments like child support etc. it is important also that both the spouses file separate tax returns as a perquisite to alimony payments. baby suppo rt is never deductible. Since Adams decree provided for both alimony and child support and he paid less than the total required, the payment applies first to child support hence the amount of $26,143and the remain amount is considered alimony

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