Sunday, June 9, 2019

Researchweek2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Researchweek2 - Essay ExampleThe highest level also leads to legal accountability on the part of doctors and nurses. This means that this level provides a devise which is stipulated step by step and which the patient agrees to after going through it with the health worker. In case of any legal questions, the health worker is competent to extrapolate with evidence the plan and hence becoming legally accountable. Lawsuits will therefore be an issue of the past.There are several ways of find out the highest level of evidence the first being examining the credibility of the evidence in terms of the background and authority of the researchers and validity of the data. The other is examining whether the research results are moveable or generalizable to others beyond the study subjects, if so, then it qualifies. Since the research on the encumbrance in question is not the first, a comparison with other research is wise and a determination of the stage of development is also important. The one with the highest or is most advanced in the stage of development qualifies to be considered the highest level of intervention research (Majid 233).Majid, Shaheen, et al. Adopting evidence-based practice in clinical decision making nurses perceptions, knowledge, and barriers. Journal of Medical Library Association, 99(3) 229-236, July

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