Monday, June 17, 2019

You can decide the topic (following the instruction) Essay

You can decide the topic (following the instruction) - Essay ExampleWhile there are no real guidelines on how to write a Letter to the Editor, a reading of the five letters (Bigbee Little Blumenthal Allen and Huskey Margelish) shows that such letters must contain an demonstration (which connects to the article or retail store that the writer is responding to), a body (which contains the writers position and the rationale behind it), and a summary or conclusion (which typically states the call to action). The introduction in this case is very important because it has to capture the audiences attention and ensure that the topic being discussed is relevant. Letters to the Editor typically take over strong introductions, which in turn dictate the tone style of the letter. For example in the first letter, Dean Bigbee said,Every keystone argument leaves out the comparable major facts Tar sands oil is not intended for United States consumption, but for shipping to the highest bidder. E ven if the readers did not read the February 7 column, they leave bop that this letter was opposing some assertions of the Joe Nacera article. One can see immediately that this letter will show objective evidences that will debunk some of the claims do in the Nacera article. Meanwhile, the second letter (Little) starts out with the following words Although Joe Nocera is probably right to lay most of the blame for the Keystone pipeline fiasco on our intractable political situation, chairman Obama is supposed to be the grown-up in the room. From this introduction, one can already deduct that this letter will criticize the President Obama and that much of its claims will rely mainly on his personal opinion. One will notice, however, that while this second letter is written in the form of a criticism, it does not use abusive language. Because such letters are printed on a newspaper whose main audience are professionals, name calling will not help. Reader are more interested in the p roof behind the claim, and while the letter is

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