Thursday, July 25, 2019

Plato's educational plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Plato's educational plan - Essay Example Specifically, this paper will discuss some of the aspects of educational theory presented by Plato, and will endeavor to analyze it with respect to contemporary public education system in the United States. It is essential to discuss the educational plan presented by Plato, in order to acquire a comparison with the contemporary education system. According to Plato’s philosophical discourse, philosopher kings have the highest authority in the society. In other words, Plato proposed functional state where everyone is given a different responsibility according to his capabilities. Moreover, educational plan of Plato has divided the society in three classes, producers, guardians, and lastly, the Philosopher King. In Plato’s society, primary education on general level is provided to individuals until the age of eighteen, which is followed by severe physical education for a period of two years. (Griffith, 2000) Upon completion, individuals performing ill in their studies are listed in the category of producers that involves merchants, artisans, and laborers. On the other hand, painstaking mathematical education is received by individuals performing well during attainment of pri mary education, as mathematics was considered the most essential study required for understanding of ‘forms’. Conclusion of this phase of education results in another assessment of individuals, where unsuccessful candidates are propelled into the category of Guardians. In Plato’s society, Guardians play a more significant role, as compared with producers’ category. Guardians involve warriors, administrators, policy makers, and auxiliaries. Successful individuals move on with studying dialectic for a period of five years. Lastly, most successful members of the society participate in managing city as an apprentice for a final period of fifteen years. Plato’s society is a meritocratic society, where best of the best receives the

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