Thursday, August 29, 2019

Influence of South Africa Essay

It is reported that South Africa has become the third largest iron ore supplier for China through the competition with India, which will have a great influence on China’s mining machinery industry. According to Business Day Live’s report, the iron ore export to China from South Africa was 40.6 million tonnes in 2012, while Indian exports plunged nearly 55% to 33 million tonnes. It is evidently that South Africa managed to increase of its share of iron ore sales to China in the unstable economical situation. The large amount of iron ore’s import into China will inevitably have a great influence on the mining machinery industry no matter in China or in South Africa. DSMAC president Lu Hongbo, commended : â€Å"The increasing contact between China and South Africa is a great power for the two countries’ mining industry development. It is a win-win situation no matter for China or for South Africa.† Analysis of South Africa’s Exporting Iron ore to China On the one hand, it promotes Chinese mining industry’s prosperity. In 2012, due to the world economy slagging, the mining industry encounters the â€Å"cold winter† universally, no exception of China mining industry. However, the increasing importing of iron ore from South Africa is a stimulate in China mining machinery market. Because the preliminary step for iron ore’s utilization is crushing process, in which the crusher plays an important role. On the other hand, it is also a push for Chinese mining machinery’s export into South Africa. For example, DSMAC, a leading China feeding, crushing and screening equipment manufacturer and supplier has opened up Africa market and determined to extend in that area. Until now, DSMAC has the general contracting ability of 1000 to 30000 tpd sand and aggregate production line, including the project design, equipment configuration and installation experience. Early in 2010, DSMAC successfully undertook a large project of 10000 tpd artificial sand making line, which just needed three months and brought profit for customer within half an year. Besides South Africa, Australia remains far and away the biggest exporter of iron ore to China. Analysts believe 2013 will see Australia and South Africa further increase their share of the global iron ore market. It is obvious that this situation will propel the mining industry’s advancement.

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