Thursday, August 8, 2019

Methodology And Performance Standards Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Methodology And Performance Standards - Essay Example In this essay, Baldwin Hotel is assessed for service quality in the way and manner in which staff deal with guests by using two major performance standards namely resourcefulness and customer service. Resourcefulness is a quality of staff or workers that makes it possible for them to contribute to several aspects of decision making within their job even outside their official job specification. This means that for staff of Baldwin for example who are front desk attendants must be in a position to provide other services and resources to their superiors outside of their stated job specifications as front desk attendants. Generally resourcefulness improves service quality because it helps in eliminating gaps in tasks and services within the hotel. For example when one worker is absent, the presence of a resourceful employee would ensure that the vacancy is not felt and that it does not affect customer service because he will be there to take that task up. At the visit to the site, there were two major measurable and observable areas or components of resourcefulness that was seen. The first had to do with front desk attendants who were giving room services, and front desk attendants who were undertaking troubleshooting in inaccurate ledger postings and entries. The methodological tools that were devised to measure the resourcefulness of workers were observation and accuracy with ledger postings. This means that there was both a qualitative and quantitative methodology. Employees who were responsible for this performance standard were front desk attendants. Customer service is a performance standard that basically deals with the level of satisfaction that the services rendered to customers by staff is appreciated by customers (Covey, 2008). At the Baldwin Hotel, greater percentage of customers is guests to the hotel who come to book rooms to spend from one night to a whole vacation. Customer service rendered to

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