Monday, August 26, 2019

Strategic Analysis and Choice Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Strategic Analysis and Choice - Essay Example The analysis includes political, economic, social and technological factors. Political factors affect the marketing and strategic growth plans of a business. Legislations and regulations of a country affect the plans of the business. This can be control of ingredients used, price changes and different views of the party in power compared to the former one. For e.g. in Pakistan, after the emergency was imposed on 3rd November 2007 the media was curbed and shut down until they signed a deal not to talk against the present government. Thus, GEO Pakistan a channel that is aired in Pakistan, Dubai, UK, USA and Canada. This organization is a multinational since it is aired in three continents around the world. The company uses all the latest technology in media like news room automation service, graphics system, automated play out system, media server systems, GEO firsts (interactive program) and training on international standards; and it is a market leader at home in Pakistan. It is huge since it employs the most people in Pakistan. The company is young. The company is family owned. The channel refused to abide by the regulations and has not been aired in Pakistan up till now. The channel was a leader in the market but now they have suffered huge losses due to the close down of the channel. Eventually, they had to abide by the regulations to avoid further losses and downsizing of employees. Now the channel will be aired soon. GEO is a good example of a company that tried to go against the industry norms and comply with the rules in order to differentiate but it all went wrong and they suffered. This was a risk and they had to pay for non compliance of industry norms. This example is a fitting example in this case because their strategic... This essay is a strategic analysis of how the companies respond to changes in their internal and external environments. Also that companies often plan to use such strategies to gain a competitive advantage over their various competitors since an edge over the others always helps them stand at the highest peak and successfully manage to balance and avoid falling disastrously. Often companies plan and forecast but the actual result is different from the forecasted one. Theories are often good to study and get a proper understanding of the situation but they do not necessarily fit in real life. Uncertainty is part of life and a proper analysis to take a decision is important for companies. Thus, businesses aim to grow and gain competitive advantages since expansion is an industry norm but then they have to face problems while operating in the internal and external environments and these businesses tend to use these strategies to their best advantage and even by manipulating these at tim es to fit their conditions and markets. This helps them grow and gain an edge over their competitors. Competitive advantages are essential to businesses for continuous growth in the existing and new markets in order to expand and turn into giants. Managers need to have a clear vision of the future of the company.

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