Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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One of the six revolutions that I have studied independently is the Glorious Revolution. The Glorious Revolution took place in England during 1688 to 1689. James II and the Catholic church were in control of the land. The old regime was James II, along with the Catholic church. James II, the second surviving son of Charles I, became king of England in 1685. James crushed two revolts upon his newly found land. One, controlled by his nephew, James Scott, duke of Monmouth, and the other controlled by Archibald Campbell, ninth earl of Argyll. The people were not happy with his performance handling these revolts. James had also ended religious restrictions in 1687, which caused an increase religious tension. On June 10, 1688, William of Orange, later to become William III, was asked to take the throne of England, there by starting the beginning of the revolution. So, now Parliament and William of Orange and his wife Mary and the Catholic church help all the power in England, being the moderates of the revolution. Seeing, as how there were no radicals, there could be no accession of them, nor could there be a reign of terror. Convalescence was reached when Mary and William signed the Declaration of Power. Also, there was now a ruler again. According to Crane Brinton’s "Course That Revolutions Seem To Take", there is only one situation that occurred in the Glorious Revolution. Revolutionaries gain power and seem united. This was shown by how William and Mary and Parliament and the Catholic Church all joined up together to rule over England successfully. None of the other 9 happened during this revolution. I don’t believe that the Glorious Revolution was a revolution at all. First off, the only two things that the people didn’t like were that there was a lot of religious tension and that they thought James was a bad ruler because he was trying to protect the country. I surely hope that Bill Clinton would try to protect us from any outside enemies that tried to take over The United States.

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