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The time of your life by William Saroyan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The time of your life by William Saroyan - Essay Example The bar is the site of connections and synergy among the different characters. For that matter the place can also be considered as a venue where different (Saroyan 4). Characters of the Play The different characters in the play are representatives of the types of people in the society. The owner named Nick is one the primary characters in the play since he is the owner of the venue. He is interested in helping people in different aspects, specifically those who share their views and their souls in his bar (Saroyan 5). Based on his character in the play, he can be analyzed as an open person who wanted to be involved with his clients in a more intimate level, so as to help them in even simple way, that is by making them feel at home in the bar. Based on his appearance he can be judged as a person who had a loud and proud demeanor, which can either be revolting or comforting to the clients. The main character is Joe, who is a ‘young loafer with money and a good heart.’ He i s in the bar owned by Nick. His character is the focal point of the plot. He is responsible for the different events that occurred through the play. One of the evident actions that can be attributed to his character is encouraging other characters in the plot to share their eccentricities (Saroyan 6). ... His admiration made him his errand boy, stooge and friend of the main character. According to him, Joey saved him in one occasion that changed his life, thus, he considered him as a hero. Tom is a representative of appreciative and often times fanatic people who based their objectives and way of life on other people’s life decisions. By allowing Joey to be one of the most important persons in his life, even decisions such as the partnership with a woman are also influenced by Joey’s opinions. Joey sets him up with a prostitute named Kim Duval (Saroyan 7). Kitty Duval is the prostitute who’s being matched to Joey. She is referred to in the text as the ‘young woman with memories.’ In the play she is projected as a delicate representative of the women in the society who are still beautiful regardless of the situations that they are in. She is described as a woman of strong heart and ‘angry purity’ by Joe, thus, he tried to match her with To m (Saroyan 7). In Kitty Duval’s character, the author honored the strengths of women. By recognizing her purity amidst the imperfections brought about by the world of survival, Saroyan expressed the importance of the role of the woman. There are other colorful characters in the bar, such as Arab who is an Eastern philosopher and harmonica-player. He has his own share of eccentricities which aside from his skills and talents also mutters at alone all the time. Joey referred to him as a ‘prophet in his own way because of the manner he voices out his musings on his own regarding the different aspects of his life, lives of other people and even the people on the newspaper (Saroyan 7). Other characters in the play are Kit Carson (an Indian-fighter); McCarthy (an intelligent, well-read

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