Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Communication Skill Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Communication Skill Assessment - Assignment Example Additionally, I have received complaints and opinions from friends and coworkers about the deficiency of proper communication skills. For example, I seem confused when communicating with the seniors or express discomfort when talking in a group discussion (Duffy et al.,  2004). Through the assessment, I have noticed a significant gap in my communication abilities particularly in public. I have a serious problem in communicating to an extent that I prefer the use of email and text messages to verbal communication. Specifically, I hate face-to-face contact because I lack the required confidence to face individuals regardless of their status or gender (Krizan,  Jones, & Merrier,  2002). When speaking, lecturing or expressing an opinion in a public gathering, I find myself lost in words, confused and disorganized such that I fail to pass my message. However, this does not mean that I do not have the required content, but rather that I lack an essential skill to enhance my communication. The reliance on non-verbal communication has adversely affected my skills. I frequently use email and text to communicate with workmates within the office. Consequently, this has affected my relationships and further incapacitated my delivery of essential messages when called upon to present relevant company analysis (Krizan,  Jones, & Merrier,  2002; Baack, 2012). The dependence on technologically enhanced communication such as text messaging and emailing has impaired my communication, creating a significant gap between my working and social life. In short, my consistent use of technology enhanced communication models has resulted in a visible communication gap that reflects in my productivity and social life. The prevalence of the problem is so adverse that there is a need to find an immediate solution. Specifically, this is because I have to be a better speaker as I am constantly required to provide the financial status of the organization (Krizan,  Jones, &

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