Friday, October 4, 2019

Discussion 6 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Discussion 6 - Research Paper Example The reasons for this gendered violence range from many factors, from psychological to economical reasons, and I will attempt to elaborate more on these triggers of violence and also offer solutions marital partners can take to put an end to domestic partner violence. Firestone claims that there are two very important psychological factors that influence why domestic partner violence occurs; a "destructive thought process," and what is called a "fantasy bond," (Firestone, n.p). The destructive thought process that Firestone mentions refers to the case where the abuser has this thought in his head that he/she must abuse their partner; the abuser keeps imagining negative things that he/she assumes that their partner is thinking of them, for instance, "She/he is controlling you. Dont let her/him act like you are weak," (Firestone, n.p). In my opinion, men are more likely to act upon this inner voice than are women, because there are external pressures from society on men to act a certain way; men today are still expected to be strong and dominant and powerful, and when imagine that their wives are acting in a way that makes them look unmanly, they lash out at their wives on the whims of this "inner voice," (Firestone, n.p). Also, the "fantasy bond" that Firestone mentions, refers to the belief a person has that he/she is only complete with their partner; this belief also supports the idea that one person in the relationship has power over the other (Firestone, n.p). For me, I believe men like to imagine that they are in control in this "fantasy bond," since patriarchal values extol them to be more powerful than women; this entitles men to physically abuse their partners. Panda and Agarwal offer an economic reason for why men are more likely to physically abuse their female partners; for him, womens economic dependence on men sets the scene for them being physically abused, (Panda & Agarwal, page 824). He claims for example that when a woman has her own house, the

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