Saturday, April 11, 2020

How to Structure a College Narrative Essay

How to Structure a College Narrative EssayColleges and universities do not have a lot of guidelines when it comes to preparing a narrative essay. It is usually up to the student as to how they approach this particular area of writing. Most students prefer to have a cursory understanding of what can be expected in this form, in order to begin with. So, what does this form of essay consist of?The first part of the narrative essay is the introduction. This section must set the tone of the entire essay. Without an introduction, it is hard to get readers interested in the rest of the essay. This can be accomplished by using interesting topics that the reader will remember, like a favorite movie or favorite person. Of course, no one likes to be reminded of their high school days, so if that is a topic you would like to use in your first paragraph, you may wish to insert a story about a person who was there at the time to tell you about the fun times.After the introduction, the first sectio n of the narrative essay is called the body. The body is the part of the essay that goes into the meat of the subject matter and usually talks about the major events or happenings that are mentioned in the introduction. Some people prefer to include a summary of the major events that happen in the story, but this is not required.The next section of the body is called the conclusion. This is the part of the essay that tells the reader the conclusion of the story. In other words, it gives the readers the ending of the piece, and the action that will take place after the conclusion. You should know what the ending will be before writing the body. Some writers have an ending so bleak that they write it without a conclusion.The remainder of the subsequent paragraphs are the conclusion and the body. Thebody is a condensed version of the entire story. It will go into detail of the characters and describe the major events that happened during the story. This also includes stories about wher e the reader can find more information, such as who the author is, and what specific sites were used for research.The conclusion, or last paragraph, consists of a short quote from the author's favorite character. It could be a quote that sums up the story, or the author's favorite thing to say at the end of the story.Before beginning to write a college narrative essay, read the whole essay aloud. Know exactly what kind of responses you need from the reader, and what words the writer will use, so that you do not forget anything that you have to include.

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