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Compare and contrast at least three of Fanthorpes poems Essay Example for Free

Compare and contrast at least threesome of Fanthorpes poesys EssayFour of Fanthorpes poems, well(p) Mr. Lee, Youll Be Hearing From Us Shortly, Half Past Two and Not My stovepipe incline whole(prenominal) have things in common however on different subjects. In her poems, Fanthorpe challenges our views particularly on stereotypes and prejudices both traditional and modern.The serious point of proficient Mr. Lee is to get across that looking at writing, so intensely can ruin the original idea the writer had. Some pieces of writing should just be read and enjoyed. Fanthorpe as a teacher often has to take apart pieces of work and analyse them yet she seems in this poem to disagree with the over analysing of writing. in addition corresponding in all four of these poems is the structure. tout ensemble are indite as prose, the most obvious prose like poem is Dear Mr. Lee. It seems to be written as a letter by a student who has read Mr. Lees book. Yet looking notwithstand ing into the poem the reader discovers that it is actually written as the thoughts of the student. The compositionner the student talks about and criticises the teacher. Mr. expert is my least favourite person and Mr. Smart has to explain why theyre jokes are good specimens of thoughts. Dear Mr. Lees lines closedown at random, which is odd for a poem, rhythm and pattern are not present and generally the poem has no traditional poetry techniques such as alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhyme. Also not all the lines begin with capital letters, which is truly strange for a poem.I wanted to say Dear Laurie (sorry) your booksthe one that made up for the other,The poem seems to be unplanned and has no apparent structure, using random line distances, and in like manner it seems to be this way because of the line beginning without capitals, which makes it, look messy and unplanned.Dear Mr. Lee is trying to get across a point that criticises the studying of writing whereas Not My dre ss hat Side challenges the use of stereotypes both traditional and modern. St George is a critic reading the poem making his objections to it, complaining about the way the new characters differ from the traditional or stereotypes. Dont you want to carry out the roles that sociology and myth have designed for you? Not My Best Side is more tongue and cheek than Dear Mr. Lee in the way it makes fun of the stereotypes.In some(prenominal) stories involving dragons, the dragon is often fierce and often the bad guy. Fanthorpe has made fun of this and made the dragon totally the opposite vain, proud, patronising and feels he is superior. He is a prima donna. The woman is not beautiful, helpless and satisfying to the hero. She is self-centred, and a gold-digger. Then there is St. George who is supposed to be brave, handsome and modest. Fanthorpes St. George is a modern day man with a huge ego.Not My Best Side overly appears to be written as prose. Also it lacks traditional poetry techniq ues, as does Dear Mr. Lee. The lines seem to end randomly, and yet again there is also the use of brackets as afterthoughts, which are found, for the same reason in Dear Mr. Lee.Unlike Not My Best Side, Half Past Two may be written from a personal experience. From her experiences Fanthorpe tries to get across that there are different kinds of metre. Fanthorpe uses the child to represent the first kind of time Events that the child remembers or has picked up. The child does not know adult time and so uses events in the day as time. For example Gettinguptime, and Timeyouwereofftime. The second time portrayed is real time. This type of time is the day divided up by the clock in hours and minutes. The third of time is hang time. This is the type of time the child is in when he daydreams and drifts off into his own world. As he doesnt understand the adult time he goes into his own suspended time to escape.In Not My Best Side, Fanthorpe introduces three voices that divide the poem and s how the reader who is speaking. This also appears in Half Past Two. There is the narrator, the teacher and the child. These three voices appear randomly within the stanzas whereas the three voices in Not My Best Side are used to divide the poem into stanzas. Like Dear Mr. Lee and Not My Best Side, Half Past Two is also written as prose. The randomly ending lines and use of brackets, also used in both Dear Mr. Lee and Not My Best Side emphasise the writing as prose. The brackets in Half Past Two represent afterthoughts, similar to Dear Mr. Lee and Not My Best Side.All of Fanthorpes poems seem to involve thoughts of someone, concerned about all that occurs in their own head. Maybe this person is Fanthorpe herself. Therefore the poems would be written about self-experiences. For example, the views of the Dragon, Princess, Knight, the suspended time of the child and the thoughts of the interviewee could all be taken as Fanthorpes own thoughts. Fanthorpes poems are idiosyncratic, all hav e a lose structure, the line endings are odd and stanza lengths are also all different. Her poetry is written primarily as prose and is easy to tell why, the use of brackets mid line to represent after thoughts and different length structure makes the poems look like prose writing. This is typical of Fanthorpes writing and hence her poems being similar in all ways.

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