Thursday, April 25, 2019

Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior Patterns, when Purchasing Essay

Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior Patterns, when acquire Fashion Items - Essay ExampleThis study reveals a number of factors that do influence the consumer fashion when qualification the buying decision for trend goods. There are a number of factors that have such influence. stopping point is one of those factors. There is a number of such factors such as the subculture, the stage of life, age demographics, the constitution and perception and so on. This research will identify those factors and exploring their impact on the buying decision of the consumers for fashion goods. Cultural influences are powerful ones and if a company does not understand the culture in which a particular market operates, it cannot hope to develop products and market them successfully in that market. Culture affects consumer behavior in a variety of ways. It relates to customs and beliefs that are learned from the society in which an individual grows up. Culture is a huge area of study that oft en has unclear boundaries and fluctuates in degree of influencing consumers. Cultural elements that influence consumer behavior can also be said to be environmental influences. A sub-culture could be defined as a group of individuals whose beliefs, values and behavior differ from that of the predominant culture. Sub-culture plays an important part to marketers because of their influence on brands and types of product and services demanded by their members. This culture is rebelling away from long working hours and heavy television honoring lifestyle. In this alternative culture the interest and participation of extreme sports has merged with music and clothing.

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