Saturday, April 27, 2019

Research Methadology Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Methadology - Research Paper ExampleThe strategy entrust ensure a correct criterion has been followed, and a point of need has been established (Hakim, 2012, pg47). A vertical research does not only entail coming up with brilliant ideas which should be implemented but also strive to becoming part of a larger research community, since this is what forms a critical boldness of becoming a good and reliable researcher. Strategically, before researching various sources of evidence, aspects like noting down interesting problems, haphazard ideas, possible solutions, writing notes on the already read papers and references to look up, interesting quotes and outlines of papers to print makes a good strategy that a researcher should use before coming up with in the long run researched paper (Ellis, 2013.p.87). The above strategy is what this paper impresses in arguing about the approach that other state used in doing research on health matters.Critically, several authors have researche d this health topic on. whole of them presented their evidence in a unique and more personal manner. The article the happy meal act the impact of toy premiums on healthy eating among children in Ontario, Canada, marks the first article that touches on the health of children, on the obesity line (Spector, 1998, pg87). As much as the article bears a tiny report, the truth of the matter is that the article relied fully on the evidence read from the children who were assembled practically, and several studies done on them based on food. However, the article gave out a detailed experiment, which showed children who were fed by certain font of food. This limits the true evidence of getting to the bottom root of obesity (Ross, 2012, pg74). Children were supposed to be studying from their framework homes and to school environment so that they can be traced naturally and not supposedly as the authors of the above article did. According to the above article, data

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