Thursday, June 13, 2019

Supply Chain Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 9

Supply Chain Management - Essay Exampleso allow them to supply to the market as quickly and precisely as possible in order to meet the actual demand without being equal to(p) to consider maintaining a high inventory level. When thither is high inventory, there is also high linked up cost with it. Thus, the prevailing structural broadcast of Dell with respect to its recent supply chain strategy ensures a great way of generation of profit as the entire activity minimizes the loss of market opportunity.In other words, the ability of Dell to forecast demand allows it to provide the essential supply to its target market prescribe. In order to do this, the keep company relies heavily on information by maintaining constant flow of data through two information loops (Oracle, 2013). This means that the flow of information should take place between customers and Dell sales team and the other one takes place among sales, procurement and suppliers (Oracle, 2013).Supply chain could be defined as a driven of two or more entities involved in the upstream and downstream flow of products, services, finances and information from the source to a consumer (Overbeck, 2009, p.17). It is upstream from the point of dupe of consumer and the other way around for the source. This definition gives us the idea that the flow of products, services and information is sequential, which means that the output of the first level is the input of the nigh level. However, due to the existing complexity of relationships involved in the supply chain today, supply network was coined (Overbeck, 2009, p.17).According to Hieber (2002), the nature of supply chain is unique (p.130). This is because there is complexity involved within the flow of goods and information between the linked entities in the supply chain. This according to him would require a changing set of priorities from succession to time, requiring a high level of responsiveness on the part of the organisation.According to Jones and Ti lley (2007), supply chains and management have become potential

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