Friday, June 14, 2019

What is the constitutional democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

What is the themeal democracy - Essay ExampleAmerican democratic system or Constitutional Democracy has 2 essential components one related to the constitution and the different related to democracy. The component related to constitution, limits, or controls the power of the government whereas the component related to democracy determines the governmental power of the government. In America, political authority is attained by a government through the elected representatives in the government. It should be noted that the members of the Congress in America is elected by the people and these congress men/women are responsible for controlling the actions of the government. American president cannot work against the will of the members of the Congress. In other words, the majority of the members of the Congress should vote in favour of a particular policy before it can be implemented by the president or the government.In a constitutional democracy like America, people hold supreme powe r. In other words, the government cannot work against the will of the people. All the policies or laws implemented in America based on the majority rule. Even though a constitutional democracy, is a government by majority rule, it does not mean that the minority rights can be violated by such a government. It is the duty of the government in constitutional democracy to protect the rights of both(prenominal) minorities as well as the majorities.Judiciary (Court), Parliament (Congress) and Executive (Government) are the three major pillars of any democratic system and the case of America is as well as not an exception. In America, Supreme Court has the highest authority to decide whether the government is functioning according to the norms of constitution or not. Supreme Court interprets the clauses and norms in the constitution and decides whether the government violated any existing constitutional laws in the country.The philosophy of American constitution lies on

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