Sunday, July 28, 2019

All forms of government welfare should be abolished Essay - 2

All forms of government welfare should be abolished - Essay Example There are many ways through which this facility provided by the government is being abused even though there have been protections placed and filtering has been initiated in the recent times. A great example of abusing this facility is when mothers give birth to children just so that they can surplus the amount they receive from the government which increases their welfare checks. There are many perspectives from which we can view this, firstly women who give birth to babies considering it to be attractive as they get the charm of spending the money on themselves. Secondly, those women who bore many children and are dependent on aid are considered to be a bad choice. This is one of the biggest problems with our prevailing system; this is the charm which encourages women to become pregnant as it brings a raise of amount in their welfare money each month, which becomes a very good amount annually. Thus these benefits provided by the government are being brutally abused when the money t hat is provided by government is not used to nurture the infant born. This greed does not end here but continues when such mothers who give birth on a constant pace and are completely relying on the aid provided by the government to sustain their living. This system was developed to help the people who are in need but now it has been adopted by many individuals who cannot get over the addiction of free income. This develops a negative approach as well which encourages such people not to look for work opportunities. as that would deprive them from their free earning. The purpose behind establishing welfare aid programs was to help the needy during their difficult times not to generate lifelong income. (Segal, 10) The government has particularly made these welfare systems very engaging, they act as a catalyst in stopping people from work who were initially motivated and self-dependent. This system will continue till the time those people who are unemployed become motivated to earn the ir own living than being dependent on the government programs. This system is merely a curse which restricts people from hard work and physical labor and eventually sucks the money out of the hardworking people. Why such programs are a risk to progress? One of the many reasons why the government should stop such welfare programs as the requirements that are set on checks are cause immense strain on the government programs that are merely for the working class. The major and the most precise example of this is the social security. The money that is being used by such welfare prog

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