Monday, July 29, 2019

None Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

None - Essay Example We decided to focus our attention on Pumkin’ Chunkin’ where helped festivalgoers in making of scarecrows. Jordan facilitated the group spot the project, playing a very pivotal royal as the group leader. Later on, Ashley served the group in seeing the objectives of the group were achieved. The goals never ambiguous, we knew what we were supposed to do at every stage of the team’s activity. Despite Faisal’s personality being a reserved one, teamwork prevailed with every member clearly focused on the activities we were to engage with and made appropriate contributions. Meeting together to brainstorm made us reflect on the goals of the group, an aspect that helped the group to keep evaluating the goals we focused to accomplish. The specificity of the goals made it easier to achieve them. At all instances the group worked to avoid confusion and ambiguity. Our goals were measurable and quite realistic. The group achieved the goal of coming up with two ideas for the service project. Jordan presented the idea of having our service project at Pumkin’ Chunkin’, this was the idea that came up for the team and members unanimously embraced the idea. Further, the meetings were held as scheduled, members never felt overwhelmed. An analysis of the service was seen to be an idea that could be accomplished within the given period. All members were actively engaged in the activities of the group. At no point did we go overboard, we did exactly what we could afford. This was in an effort to be as realistic as possible. We not only kept encouraging each other but also realistically expressed individual weaknesses that every person was obliged to work on. This helped us keep focused on our goals more as the group bonding was more evident. The timing of our group activities was well executed. Our focus to finish was to finish the service project before the second week of October, sure enough, the timing was achieved and the team was glad to h ave finalised the step. This was a product of proper planning and commitment by individual members. The service project also presented an opportunity to engage in the making of scarecrows together. An aspect that made us utilise our every moment diligently. It was also evident that the goals we set were all attainable. We never went overboard to engage in extremely tasking activities that would overwhelm us, but we chose to engage in mild but consistent activities. Engaging in making scarecrows for party goers present the best opportunity for us to interact with each other as well interact with other people. This not only made us to learn much about each other but also made us enhance our social space. Through the service period, Ashley led us in the best way possible despite not having elected her formally to be in charge of us. As a team engaging in similar and an interesting activity, synergy was evident. We never found the difficulty in doing the scarecrows, having the meetings and the discussions. Our simple weaknesses were being complemented by each other. The teamwork and the encouragement we had kept us going. The synergy was evident in the way we kept assisting each other in making scarecrows. Section 3: Conclusons Working in a team presents diversity of thought and character that is signification in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in executing an activity.

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